Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Few Fair Entries

So, do you want to know how crazy I am?

Well, as I have written before, I am pretty addicted to ribbons
from the county fair.


Our county fair allows entrants to submit registrations for as 
many entries as they would like for free,
as long as they are submitted online by a certain date.

Well, because I am crazy for these ribbons, 
and I like free stuff,
I often register for WAY MORE things than I can
realistically complete.

While I sew constantly throughout the year, 
often by fair time, many things are too
"loved on" to be entered.
The judges at our fair are SUPER PICKY about the condition 
of things entered.
I can not enter the Bollywood Ball Gown
because it got all snagged from the beading on the sari fabric.
I can not enter the Queen Katherine gown
because it took such a beating during the Madrigal Dinners.
And of course, many of the custom items I made for clients would be lovely,
but they are all over the country being loved by their owners.

But here is the deal, I try to get as much done in between registration and 
the entry deadline as I can, because it is a fun challange.

So, one of the categories I submitted an entry for, was a ladies nightgown.
And instead of making one for India, I decided to make one for ME!

And since it was for ME, I chose some fabric I have
been hoarding in my stash for a long time.
This is "Bascha" by Alexander Henry.
It has all my favorite colors in it!!
And they are all together!! 

I used Simplicity 2739, view C.

I made a size Large, which according to the pattern,
is a size 18-20. 
I wear 16-18 in RTW, and did not have to make any adjustments to the pattern.
However, I did lengthen the short gown by a few inches.
And I accidentally sewed the ruffle like view B, instead of sewn on the 
outside of the skirt as is suggested for view C. 

I really like the lace and ribbon detail,
and of course, I had to use lime green ribbon!
 You do not get to see a modeled pic of this, because it is already at the fairgrounds.
Judging is today and I wonder if any of my entries have ribbons attached to them?

This was the last item I was able to complete to enter.
Oh, where are the buttons???
Well, I took these photos before swimming lessons 
and then sewed the buttons on while waiting for Ahnalin.

As soon as that was over, we took everything to the fairgrounds!
So no modeled shots on this on anyway.
This is Ahnalin's jumper for the first day of first grade.

So, you have seen this basic style from me a lot, right?
It is Ahnalin's favorite.

I did a few of my favorite tricks on this one though.
The 6 inch hem is caught up in a growth tuck, so
I can let it down when she gets taller.
And she likes these tucks because they hid the hem inside so she can't feel the seam.

Another fun goody on this dress is the pockets.
They remind me of bags of candy from a candy shop!

Ahnalin adores pockets so I try to put them on when I remember.
These little sweeties are gathered all around and then stitched over
the gathers so they poof out. 
The top is gathered very slightly and then bound. 

The wind caught the skirt so it looks like it has a bustle,
but it doesn't really.
And of course,

Rick Rack everywhere! 
I love the stuff!

I used large red heart buttons for the bodice and
small round red buttons for the back.
And depending on how hot it is on the first day of school, 
Ahnalin may or may not wear a white blouse under the jumper.

So, those were the last two items to be completed for the fair.
I entered 13 items and Ahnalin entered 3 items.
I realized, with shame, that I did not enter one smocked item this year!
I really need to get some smocking finished because I miss it so much.

Now, I need to finish cleaning the sewing room, 
and then make Ahnalin's birthday dress and some dress for her new dolly Elizabeth.

So, I think I will put on some music and get to work cleaning up my mess.
Happy Sewing.


Tracy said...

What a super cute nightgown! I looked at this pattern last week and didn't really like it, but now that I see your rendition of it, I am going to buy it.

ShirleyC said...

Those are really cute, and I love the pockets on the blue dress. Good luck!

Ellie Inspired said...

Sivje! I am SO going out next week to get that pattern and material to make the nightgown! Except I may wear it as a dress. SUPER cute! I hope you win lots of blue ribbons! Let us see the rest of the things you entered when they come back!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Gorgeous girl! Now you got me wanting to enter something in our State Fair!! Hope you win! I don't see how you couldn't!

organicmommy said...

WOW You did amazing. I have thought it would be fun to enter in the fair and maybe that will be my challange for myself for next year. Let us know how you did! Hopefully it will be 13 blue ribbons for you and 3 for dd!

Honey Lamb and I said...

I love the dresses! So beautiful and fun! I love the county fair and ours starts next week. I want to put my elephant ears in because they are the biggest in the world I think! lol!
My nieces name is Annalyn too. I think we may pronounce it the same as your daughter. Anna lun ? Anyway, it is a gorgeous name and I dig your duds! Good luck and let us see your ribbons!!

Sonia said...

Pretty and fun, Sivje! I have that same Alexander Henry fabric sitting in my stash!

Marika said...

yea! i decided not to enter anything as i'm in the middle of moving, but i'll have to make a trip to see your things! I love how annalin's quilt turned out!

Julia said...

I can't wait to find out how many ribbons you've won this year!

Rettabug said...

Good Luck this year at the fair, Goose! You always do so well. Too bad ALL of your creations can't be entered.

Your nightgown is pretty enough to wear outside the house! I love how flirty-feminine it looks. GREAT job!!


p.s. Please tell Ahnalin "congratulations' on finishing her quilt, too. She did a GREAT job!
Another seamstress in the making. :D

Rettabug said...

Oh and a belated "Happy Dirtday!!!", Honey! Sounds like it was a blast!!!!

Susan said...

so glad I found you again..I saw your blog about the Sim.2739 and thought..that is just too bought pattern..HobbyLobby has Simplicity for .99, then could not find your blog until now...still love the to put your blog in my favs.