Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getaway with the Hot Rockin Hubby

My HRH took me away for a few days 
for our anniversary.

We said we were going to San Francisco for our little
getaway, but we forgot one key factor.

You see, even though we lived in the Bay Area for 
many years, we forgot that 
you can freeze to death in San Francisco in August!

That MAY be a SLIGHT exaggeration but only slightly.

I only packed a cute summer dress, and two pairs of capris
and a few short sleeved tops.

What was I thinking?????

The weather was like in the 50s in the city!

So, since we stayed in Burlingame near the SFO airport,
(we used Priceline so you never know exactly where you will end up.) and we both have such wonderful memories of our years living on the Peninsula, 
we decided to just mess around down there. 

So Friday night, we ate at our FAVORITE 
restaurant in Redwood City,

Harry's is not fancy, trendy or pricey.
It is just a fun place with excellent food.

We dream about Harry's roast meats and mashed potatoes and gravy.


After dinner, we headed down the El Camino Real
to Palo Alto, where you will find the 
on University Ave.

The Stanford runs classic films
from the glory days of old Hollywood.

Before each film, the "Mighty Wurlitzer" organ rises
from the orchestra pit and the film goers are treated
to an organ concert made up of favorite movie songs.

When Don and I were married, one of the staff organists
at the Stanford Theatre played the organ at our wedding.

Don and I were thrilled to see "Easter Parade"
and "Holiday Inn" at the theatre on 
Friday night.

 Cost is $7.00 per person for a double feature
and you can even bring in your own candy and popcorn.
Though if you decide to buy concessions there, 
the prices are really, really reasonable,
like $1.50 for popcorn!

The whole evening was a huge treat!

Saturday morning, we had planned to go into
The City
which, if you live in Northern CA, always means San Francisco,
but that was when we discovered how cold it was to be.

But Don had been looking around on line for
fun things to do in the South Bay.
Don grew up in San Jose and then
as a teenager moved to Redwood City,
so he loves the South Bay and Peninsula areas.

But Don found this!

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

What a good hubby!

And it was a bargain at $8.00 per person!

The current exhibit is called
ITAB: International Techstyle Art Biennial 

That sounds really technical, and it is,
BUT each item of art
was an incredible type of quilt or
tapestry or other creation
that combined traditional methods
with computer genius!

I wish I could have taken pictures but the
docents made me promise not to, because
each item was proprietary.

But, if you are near to San Jose,
go see this incredible exhibit!!

After the quilt museum, we decided to head over
to see the San Jose Giants play.

The San Jose Giants are a Triple A team that is a farm club
for the San Francisco Giants.

It happened to be "Italian Night" 
at the ball field, so everyone 
received free t-shirts with the
Giants logo in the colors of the Italian flag.

In between each inning, there was some contest
or game with giveaways.
Once contest was a free pizza for the fan that screamed the loudest.
The guy sitting next to me won that contest and shared
his free pizza with us!

We did not stay the whole game because we had parked a few blocks
away, which was an industrial neighborhood.
Free pizza man told us that there were often 
robberies in that area, and asked if we were afraid
of our car being broken into. 
Uh.......we had not thought of it until that moment!

So, we left after about 6 innings so we could get to our car before dark.

Sunday morning, 
we drove up to Sonoma county and wandered around.
We used to live there and love it so much!
But would you believe, that I forgot to get the camera out
of the car!!! 

We visited a local church and then went to Joann's Fabrics
because I had an 80% off coupon. 
I bought a bolt of red ticking stripe.
More on this later!

But after that, we took the long way driving home
because Ahnalin was missing me and
would not go to sleep without

So, that was a little getaway. 
Simple, fun, inexpensive and perfect, because
I was with the most wonderful husband in the world.


Anonymous said...

Perfect posting of a perfect time together. Many more perfect years to come for the 2 of you. Much love from your parents that Love you so very much. John and Barb Crowe.

cre8tivecrys said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend. Congrats on your special day. Aren't wonderful husbands one of God's best gifts to us?

Debby said...

Anniversary. Sounds like you had fun. Ours is in a couple weeks. I have to take a class the day before so doubt if we will be able to get away for the week-end. I want to do something special somehow someway....it is our 40th.
I always have a long sleeve jacket with me at all times even in the hot weather because of A/C. I bet your baby was glad to see you.

Rebecca said...

Oh girly...I loved reading about your special trip and seeing your happy faces. It did my heart good to know you are happy and blessed...and know it.

Thank you for visiting me yesterday. Those little pink frocks (dresses) were almost my undoing. I was still just learning to sew and taking on something that had to be lined was a huge challenge. I still smile when I think about it today!

Can't wait to see what you do with the ticking stripe!

Love to you~


Julia said...

Boy, my husband and I could use a getaway like that one! Being with the daughters and grands is wonderful, but a little just the two of us time would be nice.