Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok, I am whining. Just bare with me. Or is that bear with me? I don't know. I am in pain so my grammar is bad. or poor. whatever. Anyway, a week ago Sunday, when I was singing, my lower, right, back molar started to break off in chunks. Yeah, while I was singing the line "And by the Grace of God, we will carry on" from the song "Forever", on mic, on the platform, first service. So, I had no choice but to "carry on" through that service and the rest of the services. Anyway, I ran around trying to find some orthodontic wax to poke into the hole in my tooth so I could get through the services. God definitely had plans for that morning as the services were some of the best I remember and I am grateful I got to be there. But my tooth hurts.

Yeah, it is now 8 days later and I still have not gotten it fixed. We can't afford it. So, I am being the mama and "carrying on". Please pray that I can find a dentist who will let me make payments, or maybe give me some kind of discount. We are living life pretty close to the bone right now, so we need all the prayer, and discounts(!) we can get.

Sorry for the whine. I am just hurting and need prayer.

In His Grace,


cjajsmommy said...
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Jen said...

i feel your pain! i lost half a tooth while eating chex mix once...and another while eating bread...and in one year had three root canals and a crown..i hate dentists!

Colleen said...

Hey, Sivje!
I'm subscribing!
Colleen from pw

MamaOfTwo said...

Ouch! How awful.

Hope your pain subsides. And hope your find a dental solution that is workable very soon.


iMac said...

Hey Sivje, I found it, and thought I'd say Hi! Nice blog. Listen, Sierra Family Dental Clinic, up on the Ridge - they do a sliding scale, payments, whatever. Call me if you want their number.


Anita said...

Hey Sivje, just now getting a chance to say hello. And OWWW is right. I sure hope you can find a dentist quickly that will work with you....understand that one! HUGS!

AmyD said...

Hey Sivje!
I'd bet my dentist would work out payments with you...they're really nice. Let me know if you want their number (and to come all the way down here)