Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beginning first post on this blog..........What to say?

I sew. Alot.
I smock. Alot.
I do some other things too.
I love my family.............more than sewing! I love Jesus even more than my family. But to me, a perfect day is one in which I hug and kiss my perfectly wonderful family as they walk out the door to do something fun, and I get to stay at home in an empty house where I can turn up the stereo and sing at the top of my lungs, while I just sew and sew, maybe with some smocking, cooking, Doris Day movies, and maybe a friend or two to do these things with. Then, after a day of creating fun garments, yummy treats or other treasures, my wonderful family comes home to enjoy my creations and we spend cozy time together. I don't often get to grab these days of bliss, but they are fun to dream of. More common in my life are days of normal family life. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, mom taxi service, church, reading, appts, rehearsals, ballet lessons, homework, details, hugs, blood checks and breathing treatments, etc., etc., etc., and then after everyone is in bed I get to sew. Awwwww bliss!

A note on the name of this blog. It is who I am, made from both of my parents. My daddy always called me "Goosie" and my mommy taught me to sew. I am Goosegirl.

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Christian Crowe said...

Yippy! Sivje I am delighted that you started a blog. Please post often so we can keep in better touch.
Next time we are together, I'll teach you all kinds of tricks, so you can post from your phone and/or upload images from other places a lot easier.
I love you.