Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Ahnalin Was VERY Blessed!

Ahnalin received a package in the mail last week!

Inside was one of the most beautiful dresses
I have EVER seen!

A wonderful bloggy friend,
had created this amazing dress for Ahnalin!

Ahnalin is crazy about it
and especially loves the sparkly 
crystal beads and tiny lavender pearls
smocked onto the bodice.

The smocking is truly exquisite!

And the fabric has a rich crispness to it
that feels very princessy.

This was one of the
many hand smocked dresses
that Jan entered into the Western Idaho fair
and won prizes!

She is amazing!!

I am so grateful that Jan chose to bless
Ahnalin with this treasure.

It is long and will fit her for a few years,
which makes this mama very happy!

Ahnalin wanted to make sure
this dress was shown off
in her "Classic Ahnalin" pose.

Thank you so much Jan!



Jan said...

You are so nice to mention my blog. Sivje, you're a great friend and a creative sewist! I love making princess dresses and love giving them to a princess even more. I hope she feels as beautiful wearing it as she looks in it.

Eileen said...

I love her classic pose! What a joy to have someone appreciate such a beautiful gift!

Jo's Corner said...

What a beautiful dress! And, such a special gift for your sweet Ahnalin. I have a feeling that the dress will be worn by another little girl in 20 years or Ahnalin's own daughter.
Hugs ~ Jo

samanthasmom said...

Just wanted you to know that I made a Monkey Girl Skirt for my BFF's granddaughter. She's worn it 3 times in 5 days. She's potty training and she says "it makes life less confoosin. Don't have to make the skirt go up and the pants go down 'cause they're tached."