Tuesday, September 25, 2012

India is Twenty-Wonderful!

Do you have any idea how much I love this girl?

India is the only treasure that I carried under
my heart for 9 months.

And she has been my joy for every day of her
21 years.

I am so grateful that she is mine.

She loves a good adventure!

She is goofy and knows a good cuppa' when she sees one!

She knows how to wield a fry pan when necessary!

And she is completely wonderful in every way.

as my darling girl is still battling
a nasty cold,
and awaiting news of her (hopefully!!!)
impending acceptance for another
term in the Disney College Program,
I pray peace and health for her.

I pray joy and love.

I pray tenacity and strength.

I pray trust and courage.

I am so grateful that
21 years ago,
God gave me the desire of my heart,
and gave me this jewel.

Happy Birthday Princess India.

I pray all your dreams come true.


(Photo credits go to her darling friends Sigrid Forsythe
and Jayne McKenna)


Anonymous said...

We are so grateful she is ours also. She is a Blessing from God to each of us and we want her to know that today and everyday. Happy Happy Birthday darling granddaughter.

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday!!! Such a beautiful girl who has all her mother's sweetness and kindness!!!!

Ruth said...

Happy birthday, India!