Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whatever Is Lovely

  Finally, brothers and sisters,
whatever is true, 
whatever is noble, 
whatever is right, 
whatever is pure, 
whatever is lovely, 
whatever is admirable
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy,
think about such things. 
Philippians 4:8

I love this verse. 
I learned it when I was a young girl
in my church' girls club
that was our version of Girl Scouts.
We were the "Missionettes".

I have thought of this verse a lot this week.
Let me explain......

Do you see how pretty my blog looks now?

My extremely talented and amazing friend
created my new header and other goodies
on my blog.
Yeah, I am pretty much in awe of her. 
She is a GENIUS!

So, last Friday,
we were chatting on the phone 
because she had called to tell
me to look at what she had done for me.
During that phone call, I manage to drop
a sewing machine foot down my heater vent,
as well as spill something all over myself.
We were laughing about how crazy stuff
happens to me during our phone calls.

But then, 
my wonderful Hot Rockin' Hubby
called me on my cell phone asking 
me if I had set up a certain payment on 
I told him no and then what we realized
next was really crazy. 



So, I got off the phone with Dawn,
after going completely nuts about how awesome
my blog looks,
and tried to see what to do next about the hack. 

 Don came home and we had to head off to the
bank to close accounts, open new accounts,
change passwords,
 stop payments,
and try to contain the mayhem. 

Friday was the day that I was working
on finishing Ahnalin's dress for the talent show.
This all happened before I got 
the buttons and buttonholes done,
which was why I had to sew her into the dress!
But then you can read all about that

So, this whole week 
has been spent dealing with 
all the stuff that goes with 
a hacked identity. 


 On Monday, I cried 
a lot and thought some pretty ugly thoughts.
I probably said some ugly words too.
Some of my Facebook statuses were
downright cruel and angry.

I am having to make the minute
by minute decision to 
keep my heart pure
and my thoughts on what is

Whatever is lovely....

SO, I decided to think 
of some things for which 
I am grateful this week.

First of all, I am 
My header makes me smile so much!
Thank you so much my friend!!

I AM very grateful for my family
and my friends. 

 But really, 
I am VERY thankful this week
for good coffee! 
Peet's is the best!
When I was a young married girl,
I worked as an interior designer
at an upscale furniture store in
Menlo Park, CA called Traditions.
Our store shared a wall with
one of the oldest Peet's Coffee shops
and they roasted their own beans daily.
The smell of Peet's coffee reminds me
of my early days of marriage to my love.

I bought myself these flowers
at Trader Joe's on Saturday
and they have been smiling at me 
from my kitchen counter ever since. 
They are lovely.

Lavender scented spray starch!!
You see, I LOVE ironing!
I love my iron!
I love to make ironing board covers.
And lavender is my favorite
So what could make my favorite chore
even more wonderful?

This is a dress I am working on for 

my precious niece Cherish.
The colors make me happy 
and I really adore striped 
seersucker for Spring and Summer.
This makes for Happy Sewing.

And then this is my favorite song
on my new favorite CD.

none of these things
are as wonderful and 
amazing as my beautiful family,
my dear friends,
or the gift of Salvation.

But they are the lovely things that 
are making me smile in a very hard week.

I know this is kind of an all-over-the-place 
blog post. 
It's kind of where I am at right now!

But I must get back to my sewing 
so I can show off Cherish's new dress 
when I get it done.

If you are having a hard week,
I encourage you to take some time
to think of whatever is lovely in your life.
There are small kisses from heaven 
that are so personal,
sent just for you,
that no one else may understand.
But think of them with gratitude,
and smile. 

Happy Sewing.


All Things Beautiful said...

Lovely. What an encouraging post to get us to think on the things we ought even when times are tough. I just read over those verses yesterday and was explaining them to my almost 5 year old. It seems like life is one event after another sometimes. I love this song too. A friend introduced me to it just last week. Such a fun song! Hope you get things taken care of soon.

Valerie said...

Great post! I only have a minute to leave a comment, but just wanted to say that I love that new Francesca song, too. But my most favorite? Emily - because it has the amazing Dave Barnes singing with her. Have you listened to any of his music? L.O.V.E.

Julia said...

Oh how awful that someone has hacked into your husbands identity!!! I don't understand why some people think they have to steal someone else's hard earned life!!!
Your blog does look beautiful. You have many blessings in your life, but you are also a blessing to those people in your life!

Linda and Michelle said...

What a beautiful post! I also remember our verses from our old Missionettes days.

Laura L. said...

I love this post, with it's randomness and the JOY that comes out. :) I LOVE that Bible verse, Phillipians 4:8. I too, was a Missionette, and my 2 older daughters were also. I taught Missionettes for many years in our A/G churches. So that was just too cool to read that you were a Missionette. Yay!

Tabitha O. said...

It looks wonderful, Dawn is an amazing person as are you!