Friday, April 29, 2011

Help For Alabama

I am sure you have heard of the 
devastating tornadoes that have pummeled 
the southern states this week.

Many communities were totally decimated 
by the category EF5 tornadoes.

One of those communities is 
called Pleasant Grove and 
is where Samantha Caffee, 
of The Handmade Dress lives and works with her family. 
Sam sent these photos from her iPhone.

Samantha has 4 children, including a new baby
and her husband, Ben, is an EMT. 

This is Ben. 
Ben and many others have been working tirelessly,
around the clock, searching for survivors,
and pulling the deceased from the wreckage.

(This is a photo taken near her town, but I am not sure
who took this one.)
Thankfully, Sam and her family are safe. 
But many, many in their community completely lost
their homes and many lost their lives.
Ben's brother and sister-in-law gave birth to their
brand new baby girl yesterday.
They named her Zoe, 
which means "life" in Greek. 
How perfectly fitting for such a beautiful gift.
But their home was completely destroyed.
They lost everything they owned.

Many others in their town have lost everything.
The post office and bank are destroyed.
People do not have even the basic 

I know I want to help!

to get through to Sam to find out how we can help.

Sam suggested gift cards. 
Her community has both a Walmart and a Target.
Gift cards are better than checks as they can be 
used immediately, instead of trying to cash a check.
So many people have even lost their 
wallets and all their id cards!
You can send gift cards to be given to
any family in need,
or you may specify that they go to
Daniel and Christina if you want them to be
for Baby Zoe.

You can send care packages filled with all 
kinds of goodies. 
Everything is needed:
shoes or flipflops,
snack foods,
baby items,

Please only send new items 
and if you want to send handmade items
I am sure they would be very much appreciated.

Encourage your children to help you.
Ahnalin is making a picture because she
wants to be a part of this.

Samantha has suggested that the donations
be sent to her church,
which has become a shelter for the community,
where they can be distributed to any who need them.
Sam's father is the pastor of the church and
the church treasurer, Linda, has agreed to be the
liaison for these gifts.

New Life Fellowship
C/O Linda 
3519 Gilbert Drive
Hueytown, Alabama, 35023

One other way you can help is this.

Today, through Sunday night,
all proceeds from
E-patterns these designers and more,
(including me!)
purchased through
go completely towards relief
in Alabama.

You will get great patterns,
and you will be directly helping those in so much need.

Please help these families.
Prayer for them,
but give too. 

Thank you all.

In His Grace,

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Amber said...

Thanks so much for this! Thankfully, the storm did not damage our home, but we have friends that lost everything, some even their lives, so we are saddened, but blessed to still have everything (including our power, as of 1AM this morning, praise God!).

I know there are some that need basic things, but there are also places that need generators, such as shelters and some special needs families.

But above all, we could use prayers for those that we lost and for the people that are helping us restore order and our communities.

Bless you for doing this for our "Sweet Home Alabama"!