Thursday, May 13, 2010

Viola, Alice And A Little Play Dress

Last week I was blessed to test some darling patterns by two other
designers. I find this little world of indie pattern designers is rather cozy 
and I have so enjoyed being a part of the testing process. 

This pattern is called "Viola" and is a fun sundress and top pattern by
German designer Karin Simmering.
Karin has a fresh and lovely approach to Childrens  Fashion 
that really captures my imagination. 

You really should check out her website for these beautiful
patterns. They are written in German but the photos
are very clear and easy to understand. 
And pattern pieces are included in the E-book in many sizes.

I will post photos tomorrow of Ahnalin wearing this outfit. 
She LOVES it!!

This is the back view of "Viola". 
I think it will be perfect for summer.

The other pattern I got to test this week is 
a "Topsy Turvy" doll! 

I have wanted one of these dolls since I was a little girl. 
So when designer Shelly Houseman
showed photos of her "Alice/ Red Queen" doll
a few weeks ago, I HAD to have one for myself!
However, do you see WHO is holding MY doll?
Yes, she pilfered my new dolly that made with my own hands.

Oh I love that little doll face!

Both of them!

I hand embroidered the faces and hair detail. 

It was so fun!

And just who is hiding under Alice's skirts?

Yes! That would be the Red Queen!! 

Ahnalin does not really like her in the story,
but she likes her as a dolly because of all the red.
It seems that she is adding red as a favorite color.

So move over Pink!

If you love this little dolly pattern,
check Shelly's blog.
She will be adding this pattern to her Etsy shop soon.

And since I got my serger out of the shop on 
Tuesday, I have been getting reacquainted with it.

Ahnalin, my sensory challenged girl, prefers to 
wear dresses every day. 

And she wants them to be soft. 

So, more play dresses are in the works.

They go together so fast and wash up so well.

And I should probably tell you that I do not
use a pattern for these little play dresses. 

They are just so easy and quick.

And to have a little fun, I made open sleeves trimmed
in "FOE".

FOE is "Fold-Over-Elastic". 

I LOVE this stuff!

I purchase FOE from Sewzannes and Fabric Hound.

Now I have to tell you that it is killing me that the side seam stripes under
the sleeve do not match up.

I had not used my serger for quite some time before it went into 
the shop for repairs,
and then was in the shop for a long time.

So I was out of  practice with the differential feed.

That is my story!

Yes, those would be matching bike 
shorts under the dress.

Remember, we are talking about the "Monkey Girl" here,
so panties must be covered up for wild monkey bar activity!

Oh, and I thought you all may like to know that 
Ahnalin did not break any heads or bones this week! 

And just because I like to show off my girly,
here are a few more pics of her royal highness
Princess Monkey Girl!!

She found a dead baby bird in the yard last week
and insisted that we have a funeral for it.

She preached a sermon, said some 
Bible verses, 
and sang a song.

Her choice of song is rather befuddling for a funeral though.

She sang "Joy To The World". 

It was very sweet and somber and 
my heart was so touched by her empathy. 
And here she is with her brand new 1/4 size violin and 
her best friend Megan.

They are giving us a lovely concert.
Oh my!

Aren't they darling together???

I have been battling migraines this week, so I am a bit
behind on some things. 

I need to get more things posted, I know.
Next up is India's Senior Ball!


We went shopping for fabric today and could not find what we were 
looking for, so we will hit up a few more stores on Saturday.

And yes, I am aware that will only leave me 1 week to sew 
this gown.

The theme of the Senior Ball is 

How perfect for a girl like my India!!

So, like last years "Dream Dress" production,
I will be posting a play-by-play of this years 
ball gown creation. 

Now, if only I can find the perfect fabric!!

In His Grace,


Dawn said...

Everything looks amazing Sivje! Looks like you have been extra busy too. I can't wait to see Ahnalin in her adorable new outfit and I really can't wait to see what you come up with for India's "Bollywood" gown. I am sure it will be spectacular!!!

MyNorth said...

The Viola pattern turned out well, pretty fabrics. Love the Topsy Turvey doll, one of those is on my to do list. Play dress is adorable. Thanks for info on FOE. Will look for some of that. Great post!

joanne lendaro said...

Love absolutely everything about your blog! Keeping up with the girls, your fantastic sewing, and your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for taking the time to share! Good luck finding the perfect fabric for the ball gown!

Schnickschnack said...

very nice clothers!!!
Greatings from germany

Ellie Inspired said...

Wow you have been really busy Sivje!!! That play dress is great. I need to get busy and make some too. "Joy to the World" at that poor birdie's funeral just cracks me up!! Glad you had no visits to the ER this week! :)

Tabitha said...

Oh wow everything just looks so great....can't wait to see India's gown! YAY on the new size violin --keep playing that beautiful music!

ShirleyC said...

What a cute story about the bird!
I love the dolls, and the dresses. I will have to check out that elastic. Great job, and I agree, you have been really busy. Good luck with the prom dress.

Renee said...

wooh! You've got a lot going on at your house. Your clothes are so sweet.. love them all. Hate to hear about your migraines though. Hope you're better soon. Can't wait to see what you come up with for India and her prom. Such an exciting time!

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

Ohhhh goodness the bird funeral and tea party are just tooooooooo cute!!!

Shawnee said...

Too cute! Love those patterns.

Ruth said...

I love all the photos!!!! What a fun funeral and tea party your daughter and friend must have had!

The dresses you've sewn are so pretty, but I tell you, I love the mopsy topsy doll!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

I love the little play dress! NO pattern? I'm still getting to know my serger. Knits scare me to death. Guess I better just jump in!!