Friday, May 21, 2010

Bollywood Ball Gown- Boning and Zipper

India's date will pick her up in 27 hours.

So, the ticker is going.

These are the "bustier" pieces.
They actually go inside the lining as the foundation.

These are the channels for the boning.

You remember how I said I hate tulle?
Well, as much as I hate tulle,
I enjoy dealing with boning.
Which is a pretty good thing since India likes it so much.
I like that it adds such a lovely structure to a garment.
I like "foundation".
Says a lot about me as a person, eh?

Two important things to remember about boning are this:
1. You must round the edges of your boning before inserting it in the channels.
If you do not do this, the boning will eventually poke through the fabric and not look pretty.

2. Boning has a direction because it is coiled. 
So you must make sure you put the boning in the channel
going the right direction or your fit will be funny.

Oh, and yes, that is a bowl of baked ziti. I did a lot of eating standing up this week
while I was sewing. I get a one-track mind and 
simply can't be bothered to stop and eat sitting down.
Not a good habit for a mama to teach her kids, I know.
But India made the ziti and it was GOOD!

Here is the foundation with the lovely sewn channels for the boning.
For a girl who loved geometry, this is bliss! 
Isn't it a pretty look?
(Sorry, I'm a geek!)

So I took in the dress again and the fit is looking better and 
India is smiling now.

Still dealing with the sway back but better now.

Ok, this is where things are getting frustrating.

We are not really sure how to do the draping of the sari fabric.

And of course, we are running into the
awareness that India will never be
six feet tall like Nicole Kidman when she wore the
Hindi wedding gown in Moulin Rouge.

So, we may go another direction with the sari fabric.
But we have a few more things to do before we get there.

The pattern called for a zipper sewn by "Prickstitch"
or as I was taught "Handpicked".

I contemplated sewing in an invisible zipper but
decided instead to add a bit of interest to the zipper.

On the inside, I machine stitched the zipper to the seam allowance.

But on the outside, each time I prick stitched, I added a crystal bead.

Not a great picture but this shows the zipper with the 
crystals attached.
Then yesterday was Ahnalin's open house at her school.

She insisted on wearing a smocked dress I made for her 2 years ago.
And I did not make bloomers for this dress.

Silly Me!

Monkey Girl was in rare form!

What a cutie pie!

Now, I get to attache the dress, the lining, and 
both pieces of the foundation.

After that I will have some hand sewing and the 

Then, I have to deal with that sari fabric! YIKES!!
More pictures to follow later today.


Ellie Inspired said...

It is looking good! That handpricked zipper is so beautiful. I was going to do that on Elisabeth's Christmas dress this year. Can't wait to see it finished!

Ema said...

Very nice, Sivje! Your daughters are blessed to have a mom that sews and sews well!
You are an inspiration!

Crys said...

You are making great progress. It looks gorgeous.

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

Ok, so I need ot know - do you & India ever get into a "panic mode" when you cut it this close to having to get a gown done?! You both seem sooooo relaxed!

organicmommy said...

I so want to know what these different techniques you are talking about for the zipper is and howyou were able to add those rhinestones. Its amazing. Zippers scare me because I have had them not go in looking well and I hate that!

Tabitha said...

WOW can't wait to see it all finished...your girls are both beautiful....LOVE that zipper!

Anonymous said...

It's looking beautiful! What a great color for her, and I can't wait to see what you do with the sari fabric.

Smocking with Gwen said...

As busy as you are, I'm floored that you had time to jot a note on my blog. I've been checking back to see how the gown is doing and I have to say....GREAT JOB! I'm looking forward to the "Pretty Photos" as she's walking out the door. Hopefully you won't be following her out to the car...needle in hand! LOL
Keep on sewing,

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How beautiful. I can't believe the amount of love you have poured into this dress. I can imagine that you've probably lost a few pounds while making this dress. :) The zipper is a huge wow factor. Can't wait to see what you did with the safi fabric. BEAUTIFUL!

organicmommy said...

Ok so India should be at prom and we need finished pictures! You are totally leaving us hanging here. I am so excited to see how it turned out and hear an update!!!