Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Birthday Dress For Ahnalin

Ahnalin had a birthday.

So, of course, she needed a new dress.

Because who can resist this face?

She wanted the dress to be in her
favorite style sundress.
I don't use a pattern for this style,
as I just cut it based on her current measurements.

And she wanted me to use this
Cath Kidston napkin, that Grandma
bought at a garage sale,
for an apron sewn onto it.

We both love the apron look.

She picked out this vintage 1930s green
rick rack

and the yellow
floral fabric for the sash
and hem band from my stash.

And the Beatrix Potter
buttons were on a card that was dated "1976". 

She was very happy with her birthday dress!

 And of course!

Birthday girls get to lick the beater for the Kitchenaid mixer.

And they get to blow out candles!

Sometimes, they even receive beautiful bride
dolls as birthday presents!

Sometimes they get their very own
little tiny watermelon.

Sometimes they get free scoops of ice cream
at Baskin Robbins.

Ahnalin was very blessed because Grandma Barbara 
and Grandpa John came for the weekend.

You see, Grandma Barbara's birthday
was on Saturday! 

So we had lots and lots of birthday!

I made this pillow for my mom (Grandma Barbara).

And Ahnalin used my embroidery machine 
and made this fleece scarf her.

Grandma loved these gifts,
but I think her favorite was the chocolate fudge cake
with Nutella frosting and coconut that I made for her
from scratch.
Oh it was so good!!

All in all, we had a wonderful
birthday weekend!

Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

I did LOVE the yummy cake but most of all I loved being with some of my wonderful family and enjoying the fun gifts that were made especially for me. Thank you loves!!!!

ShirleyC said...

Beautiful girl with a perfect dress! Glad she had a happy birthday!

Debby said...

Happy birthday to both the pretty ladies. Your daughter is getting tall. Still so sweet. Absolutely love the dress.

Jenny Jo said...

I was going to comment something about that birthday dress, but then you mentioned Nutella frosting, and I became completely distracted....! Hmmmmm.... oh, yes, I L.O.V.E. those buttons! Ahnalin did a spectacular job designing her own birthday dress!