Wednesday, August 21, 2013

25 Years Ago And Still Today

August 21, 1988

We were practically babies.

He had just completed his Masters Degree
in electronic music and recording engineering.
I had just turned 21, three weeks
before the wedding,
and was working as a home furnishings 
specialist at Laura Ashley.
We were so completely crazy in love with each other.
Don's father and he had started to
build our little love nest,
or "Bunny Hutch" as we called it,
over the garage on their property.
Don's 25th birthday
was 4 days before our
wedding day.
I made my gown and beaded my shoes
and my mother and I made the bridesmaid's
and flower girl's dresses.
Don's mother and I sewed about a hundred
white covers for the folding chairs for the reception.
We were married at
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church,
on a perfect Sunday afternoon.
My father walked me down the aisle,
while Vivaldi's "Spring" was played
on flute and pipe organ,
and then he preached the wedding sermon.
During our ceremony,
my love accompanied me on guitar,
while I sang
"My Romance". 

Our wedding supper reception was held
in Don's aunt and uncle's back yard.

His Greek aunts made the delicious
food for the buffet,
all the while carrying on their hilarious "arguing."
(This is still one of my very dearest memories of the day.)
Our friends and family shared tears
and laughter
and joy.

Our marriage was prayed over 
and blessed.

And it was a good day.

Over the last 25 years,
we have lived a lot of life,
inhabited many houses in several states,
served the Lord and His people in numerous churches,
made A LOT of music,
given birth to our beloved India,
journeyed to China to adopt our beloved Ahnalin, 
prayed through many crises,
and seen many miracles,
packed around about a ton of fabric (!!)
dreamed many dreams.

We are still very, very much in love.

I have been blessed with the very best man.

My "Hot Rockin' Hubby" is still the man of my dreams.

God has blessed us so much.
Happy Anniversary my dear Don.

I can't wait to see what the next 25 years hold.


Bunny said...

Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple! May your next 25 be just as happy.

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many mosre!

seamsgreat said...

Happy Anniversary!

Meredith said...

Beautiful love story!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Siv, silly me I just read this and it is so beautiful!!!! I saw your post on FB and commented earlier. I still remember the day and your daddy and I crying with joy, pride and excitement for our first born getting married. Your daddy was a nervous wreck praying that he would not mess up in anyway.
We are so grateful for you and Don and your love that grows each and every day. We are Blessed because of you, Don and your darling daughters!!!
Your very proud Mother and Father.

Melinda c said...

happy anniversary...These days 25 years is a real accomplishment!

Jenny Jo said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful love story!