Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Day Of Third Grade Dress

Today is the first day of third grade.

And Ahnalin had definite ideas of how she wanted to look.

The first item in building her look
was the saddle shoes.

You see, my father loves saddle shoes.
So when Ahnalin saw these in a store window,
she told me to take a picture of them 
and send it to her grandpa.

Minutes later, a text came saying
Grandpa John John would buy them for her.

Ahnalin was ecstatic!

So the decision was made that 
she must have a black and white outfit
for the first day.

My friend Janet had sent me
this fabric from her stash
and Ahnalin had been eyeing it
since it's arrival.

I had already made the "Vintage Natalie"
dress pattern that Janet Gilbert
designed for
earlier this month for Ahnalin's birthday dress.

Have I mentioned that I love this pattern?
Well I do!!!!!

So Ahnalin negotiated for what she wanted,
and the design was sketched up!.

She wanted puffy sleeves,
so of course she got those.

And she wanted the collar to be in black
with red trim.

I had this red whipstich piping
already in my stash.

She also wanted one of my 
Mary Engelbreit scottie dog
buttons on a belt style sash,
instead of a bow this time.

I liked the whipstitch piping for the whole
dress, especially the panel down the front.

She thinks it looks like candy canes.

This photo is blurry,
because she was swinging the skirt.

But I made a banded hem 
and added the piping at the top and bottom
of the band.

I cut the skirt at the "knee" length of the pattern.

And I cut the dress a size 6, 
which is perfect for her.

She is 8 years old and very thin.

I adore the back on this dress.

It is so classic!

Ahnalin is crazy about it.

She said she feels like a 
"50's diner girl".

We have to have a "Classic Ahnalin" pose
every time.

Ahnalin bought this black and white
polka dot trench coat at "Forever 21" with her
birthday money from Grandma Barbara and 
Grandpa John John. 

She definitely had a theme in mind.

Happy First Day of Third Grade

This is going to be an exciting year.

I pray that my darling girl 
grows and learns wonderful things.

I am so proud of her.

Happy Sewing!


seamsgreat said...


ShirleyC said...

That is awesome! How do you manage to do so much is so little time?
She looks adorable, and it's hard to imagine needing a coat or jacket. LOL

Jan M said...

Great job of making her vision and dream come true! It is the perfect dress for the first day of school. Best wishes for a fantastic year!

Jan said...

I'll bet she outshown every girl in her class!

Eileen said...

That is beautiful!! I also love the Natalie pattern. It was my daughter's choice for her Christmas dress. I think our girls have similar taste-her Eaater dress last year was Susan Stewart's Honeysuckle in black and white pique striped fabric with red flowers on the smocking:)

Lynn said...

Wow! That is a phenomenal dress!

Debby said...

She really does have a sense of style for al ittle girl. The dress is so beautiful. Love ths shoes. They remind me of my childhood. Tell her she looks beautiful.

Bunny said...

If this child doesn't grow up to be a major fashion diva I would be amazed. Another fabulous creation, Sivje!

Jenny Jo said...

I think the piping looks like candy canes, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Sivje and look very pretty for your first day of school!


Karen said...

Beautiful dress on an even more beautiful little girl! Ahnalin has a wonderful fashion sense.

Ruth said...

I remember putting my daughters in saddle-oxfords when they were young. Ahnalin looks perfect, just perfect in her lovely dress and new shoes. I always enjoy seeing your creations.

Susan Branch said...

You SHOULD be proud of her, Ahnalin is the most adorable little girl, she puts tears in my eyes she is so sweet. Love the dress, would have been PERFECT for me when I was that age, the candy cane part is my favorite too, but I love it all. Just a delightful post!! The photo of her at her desk is priceless. xo Susan