Monday, August 20, 2012

Ahnalin Was A Flower Girl

Actually, both of my girls were in the wedding party.

The bride was a beautiful girl named Ashlee,
whom we have loved since she and India met
in the 7th grade.

India was honored to be Ashlee's Maid Of Honor
and she was so thrilled to be there for her.
Thankfully, I didn't have to make the bridesmaid
dresses for this wedding.

And Ahnalin was asked to be Ashlee's Flower Girl!

So this gave mama the opportunity 
to make a special dress for her to wear.

Ahnalin refuses to wear anything that scratches or itches
or is slippery or makes noise when she moves.

And the temperature was to be around 100 degrees
at the wedding.

So, that meant that I needed to make something 
that was comfortable for Ahnalin,
yet beautiful and "wedding appropriate".

I chose to make the bodice out
of one of Ahnalin's favorite styles.

As usual, I didn't use a pattern,
because I just measure her chest and 
waist and cut it out.

I had to made this dress in a short amount of time
(due to a crazy packed sewing schedule!)
and a very limited budget.

So, I grabbed my bolt of white Imperial Broadcloth
out of my stash, and started creating.

The vintage cotton lace had been in my stash 
for a while too.
I had purchased it about a year ago from 
a local crafting thrift store in Sebastopol

Ahnalin did not want a slip or any tulle
under her dress,
so I decided to make the skirt with an overskirt.

She wanted it to overlap like a tulip.

I added the lace at the hem as well.

Ahnalin felt that it made the dress
look more like a dress from
"Thoroughly Modern Millie".

She said she felt like a real bride in this dress.

I had these clear lacy buttons in my 
button jar just waiting for the perfect dress.
The bride had chosen silver accents
for the bridesmaids dresses she chose for her girls.
So the silver dots on the buttons were just right!

I also added sash carriers
so that the green ribbon 
would stay somewhat in place,
even with my active Ahnalin.

Ashlee had chosen silver shoes for herself
and her bridesmaids.
So I was very excited to find these
"Cinderella" shoes at the Disney Store
for a very reasonable price.
How very princess-like!

Ahnalin wanted me to take a picture with the 
lilies in our backyard.

Both of my girls looked lovely at the wedding
and had a wonderful time celebrating 
Ashlee and her new husband Jeremy.

Eventually, India tried to teach
Ahnalin a little line dancing.

But then Ahnalin got tired 
and asked if she could play games on my iPad
to chill out for a while.

The wedding was beautiful.

Ashlee and Jeremy are now "man and wife".

And we are back home in time
for school to start this week!

I am back to work sewing,
and have openings for customs again.

But tonight,
I must make a "First day of school" dress
for the little bridesmaid. 

Happy Sewing!



Meredith said...

Gorgeous girls and dresses! LOVE that Ahnalin requested a tulip "look" for the skirt - she really knows what she wants and has a great eye for what will look beautiful! Amazing designing and sewing, as always Sivje! Sounds like a wonderful day for all!

Bunny said...

Love these pictures. Your girls are gorgeous. That back to school dress will be just as special for sure.

ShirleyC said...

Great pictures, and the girls look beautiful. As I said before, the shades of green were just gorgeous in this wedding. The bride has a good eye for color. I will be sending you a message on FB to see if you want some fabric that I have.