Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dresses for Cherish and an Angel

This little dress is for my precious, 
and in-every-way-wonderful niece Cherish.

I want to see her in it so much!

You see, it is red and white
and reminded me of 
Olivia the Pig, 
 so of course, I had to add 
some Black Rick Rack.

I loved it so much,
that I had to make one for a little
girl whose tag we picked off 
the Angel Tree at First Pres. Church. 
So this one is for a precious little girl
who I will probably never meet.

And Ahnalin found this "Sonya Lee" Little Peoples set
that we had gotten for her when she was little.
But she only ever played with her wood blocks
or her babies, 
so it was still in the box.
She decided to give it to the 
little Angel Tree girl. 
I am proud of my sweetie for thinking
of this little one.

Well, and then Ahnalin
decided that she wanted a dress
JUST LIKE the dress for her
Christmas dress!!!

But, I had to shake things up a bit....

So this is just a teaser of Ahnalin's dress.......

When I fell in love with this fabric
a few years ago,
I bought the rest of the bolt!

It has been in my stash
just waiting for me to decide to cut into it.

It's Michael Miller Iron Work
and I even have enough left over 
for another dress or two!

I need to take photos of Ahnalin
in her dress before
she gets "Christmas" all over it.......

And yes, 
I did. 

I made ANOTHER Rapunzel costume!

You see, 
next summer we plan to 
visit Cherish
and her Mommy and Daddy
and Ahnalin is dying to play dress-up 
with Cherish. 

I decided to simplify Cherish's Rapunzel 
dress and chose not to use grommets for
lacing the bodice. 

The ribbon is actually sewn in place
for the sake of comfort and simplicity.

The lace overskirt used every last inch
of the purple embroidered lace.
(well, I do have a skinny bit left for a doll dress...)

I machine sewed the hem so that it would 
be sturdy for 3 year old dress-up action.
The lace is vintage hem tape
that had a price tag of 65 cents on the wrapper. 
I love using my stash goodies!

So, one of the red dresses and the little Rapunzel
dress are on their way to my precious niece 
for her birthday and Christmas.

And the other red dress and the Little People
are on their way to another little angel.

And one more red dress
will be posted in a day or so
on my wild Ahnalin.......

Next project........

I get to start on India's 
Christmas dress,
which will be made from a gorgeous
length of vintage Pendleton wool
given to me by my Hot Rockin' Hubby's 
Aunt Dona Vee. 

After that.....Christmas Jammies
and then some mittens, hats
and slippers from felted cashmere sweaters.

And......Ahnalin wanted some new
doll clothes for Christmas!
Yep, I think that Santa can fulfill
that request....

Oh fun!! 

Happy Sewing!



Anonymous said...

Darling, Darling Darling. I can hardly wait also for when the girls (and the entire family) can be together to play dress-up!!! Another Great Job!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you still have a lot on your plate. How are you coming?