Monday, December 19, 2011

All Four Of Us In A Single Shot!

It doesn't happen often.

I mean, we very rarely are in the 
same place at the same time,
when we are dressed in decent clothing,
makeup on and hair brushed,
at least appear,
in our right minds.

But yesterday at our new church,
Sebastopol Christian Church,
I grabbed a new friend
and handed her my phone.

I threatened my family 
with mayhem if they made 
anything less than the most
charming and lovely 

And there you have it!

Look closely at the hand on India's leg.

It's mine but it looks like it is hers,
only the fingers are opposite of what they should be.

It makes me laugh!

And I am pretty sure that 
India was saying 

Ahnalin refused to sit up straight 
and actually smile.

But hey!

There we all are now. 


Now.....back to my sewing.
Unless I finish India's Christmas dress,
she will likely be dress-less on Christmas day!

Happy Sewing!


Debby said...

I think it is a great picture. I noticed the hand and looked twice. Funny that you mentioned it. Good picture esp. with your phone.
I hope you have a great Christmas.

MamaOfTwo said...

You are an especially gorgeous family. :) Love the pic.


Stephanie said...

I like it. I'm glad you were able to grab a good photo of the 4 of you.

Sewconsult said...

I think that it is a wonderful picture.

Bunny said...

Wonderful holiday picture, Sivje! Merry Christmas to you all!

Tabitha Orr said...

Beautiful, Merry CHristmas!

Simone said...

Not only are you all dressed (and looking great!), you all match too! :) Adorable gifts like Ahnalin made! Goodness.