Thursday, January 14, 2010

Requesting Prayer

I will keep this short and sweet, and promise you that I will post a lovely long post
with pictures later on.

But I would so appreciate any prayers you could send your way.

India is sick again.

She has been sick well over a week this time.
But she had only been well for a short time in between
this time and the previous illness.

She lost her voice over a week ago and is on her
second round of antibiotics.

Her glands are swollen and she is completely exhausted all the time. 

We are starting immunological testing next
week but the local doctor feel we should take her to
U.C.Davis as they are more advanced in the tests they can do.

Later on today we head back to her endocrinologist
in Sacramento and pray that he has some
ideas for us.

I know that her diabetes makes her more susceptible to illness,
but I have never seen even a person with type 1 get EVERY illness
that comes down the pike like she does.

It is really, really interfering with her life and
we just want her to graduate high school
in June, with her class.

Anyway, please pray for my sweet girl.
And please pray for wisdom for us, and for her doctors.

My girl needs her voice and strength back, so she can sing for Jesus.


seamsgreat said...

Praying for India and your family.

joanne lendaro said...

Hugs and prayers for everyone! Please keep us posted...

Smocking with Gwen said...

Will keep sweet India in thoughts and prayers.

Tabitha said...

Absolutely in our thoughts, hope you can hear her sing soon.

Anonymous said...

Praying, Sivje. I'm so sorry for India. Having a 20yr old daughter who tends to get really sick, I know how it can be a worry. *hugs*

Sara said...

praying for you all!!
Sara said...

Definitely praying! I had a great experience with UCDavis! Sounds like a good idea ! and YEAH Ahnalin !!!!

julia said...

Prayers are being said as I type this!

Smocking with Gwen said...

The house was so quiet my thoughts were with India....and you. I think with the fear of not knowing what is in store for my grandchildren's future, it makes your journey to get answers for India so important right now. Keep up the good fight!

Laura L. said...

Hi Sivje,
I am so sorry that India has been so sick. I will pray for her, definitely. You tell her we are lifting her up in prayer.
Please let us know how she's doing, via FB or here.
I will pray for you as well. The Lord IS our healer.

KBriggs said...

Sending all of my prayers your way.
Hope India recovers fast.

Anonymous said...

Still praying, Sivje!

Anonymous said...

Praying :(

Naomi said...

Well sweet friend, I am sure you will pleased to hear from me today!! You will never believe it but I just discovered that ALL your comments have NOT been getting through to my blog and I am so heart broken that I have not received them!!! I sent you an email which I hope you received explaining in more detail!!!

I have certainly not been ignoring you and I am so sorry and don't now how this happened!! There were 79 comments from others also which I had not see!!!

I also have so much catching up to do with you!! I shall add your blog on my mine so that I can now keep informed. And I am so sorry to hear about Indie!

Love you sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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