Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ahnalin's Doll

Ahnalin has been completely bitten by the sewing bug.
She decided that she wanted to make her own doll.

So, we set off in search of a simple rag doll pattern so that she could
try out her new sewing skills. She wanted to sew the doll completely by herself.
So I found a simple pattern and let her dig in my scrap box for fabric.

I pinned the pattern to the fabric and she cut it out and changed a few design elements
so that the doll reflected her vision of the perfect doll.
The original pattern suggested drawing on the face with a marker.

However, Ahnalin drew on the face and then asked me how to
applique triangles on for the eyes.
So, I taught her how to do basic applique!
We ironed on the triangles with Stitch Witchery and she
zig-zagged them in place. Then she asked me to draw on the mouth
so that she could zig-zag over that. She drew the nose
on and zig-zagged that.

After she finished the face, she sewed the arms and legs.
Then she started stuffing them.
She LOVES stuffing things with fiberfill!!!

Yes, that is Ahnalin cutting with my big sharp scissors.
I am sure I am going to regret letting her use them, but she is
learning to be careful with them.
The rag doll pattern instructs the sewist to stitch "joints" in
the arms and legs so that the doll can sit more easily.
So, that is what Ahnalin did!

Two legs and two arms!

Then she sewed the arms and legs onto the
front of the doll torso.

Arms and legs are all sewed on and now she has to sew the
back to the front. This could get tricky!

Ok. She finally asked me to help her sew
when she got to this point. Up until this point, she did not want my
help, other than drawing the smile and
telling her how to iron the eyes on to the face.
But the body got so bulky when she was sewing the back on
that she asked me to sew a few of the areas.
The arms and legs are still inside the body at this point.

But when she turned the doll the right side out,
it looked like a real doll!!! Oh wow, was she proud!!
At this point, I made her go to bed. She was NOT HAPPY
about this but finally gave in when I promised that she could finish the doll
after school the next day.

After school the next day, she stuffed the body and head and
sewed up the opening.
Yes! All by herself!!!
I had to stop myself from getting in her way too much.
I kept wanting to correct her stitches, but I had to wait until
she asked for help because she
"Wanted to do it all by herself!!!"

I love this picture because sometimes when she really concentrates, she sticks her tongue out, and it is almost out here!

She LOVES her new doll!
She has named her Sally.

Isn't she cute?????
I just love her!

I am having a terrible time getting pictures to load up so I am going
to have to load up the rest tomorrow.

Oh, and I wanted to give you all an India update.
Thank you all so much for praying. Please keep praying for her.
We went to her endocrinologist a few days ago and it was not a great visit.
But finally the doctors are all starting to catch on that she just gets
sick far, far more than she should.
We saw a local allergist and immunologist today. He will start
allergy testing in two weeks but has also referred
us on to an immunologist in Sacramento. He does not feel that we
have good enough labs locally, or that they just do not have the
experience necessary to find out what is causing India to be so ill.
But at least things are moving along now.

I will update when I have more information.
Please keep those prayers coming.



joanne lendaro said...

thanks for sharing the adorable pictures! praying that your friend finds some answers to her health problems.

Naomi said...

Oh I love the doll!!! She is so very clever! And she definitely has hers Mummy's gift!!

I will be praying for Indie that the doctors discover what the problem is so that they can treat her. That is half the battle!

Did you get my comment and email? Now I am the one asking?!! HA, ha!!!! Just wanted to make sure you saw my apology.

Love, Naomi

Kelly said...

Hello, I just found your blog a couple days ago and already feel like I know you! The doll is precious and isn't it hard just to let them "do it all by myself". I'm still learning to ignore the imperfections and just step out of the way because that's how they really learn best. India will definitely be in my prayers! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

hollym. said...

Oh, Sivje!!

You know that I love your girlies!! Of course I'll still pray for India. Praying that you get answers that will help India feel the way an almost college girl should! :)

I have to tell you that Ahnalin's dolly put tears in my eyes!! They are just the sweetest pictures and I'm proud of your littlest pumpkin!!!

julia said...

My prayers for India continue!!!
That doll is unbelievable!!! I don't know if I could have made it!! You tell her that she is an amazing sewist for me, okay?

Martha said...

Continued prayers for India.

Ahnalin did such a fantastic job!!! Very cute, and I know she will treasure not only the doll but the fun she had making her.

Christine said...

Sivje those are so adorable. It makes my day to see a girl make her own doll and love it so much! As always you are all in our prayers and I hope that you are able to find some answers soon!

a Tonggu Momma said...

India will be in my prayers. And Ahnalin is better at sewing than I am. Heh.

April said...

This is so, so, so sweet!!!! I'm proud of you for holding yourself back.... I have the hardest time with that sometimes.

Mrs. Bianca said...

I wanted to tell you that I shared the doll pictures with my niece and used it as an important lesson to know how to sew by hand since you have to stitch the closings of things that you stuff. Immediately, she asked for a needle and a thread so she could finish hand sewing the Ken doll pants she'd started, but had given up because I wouldn't let her use a machine. :) Thank you for inspiring and as always Prayers sent up for your whole family!

Sew Like Nobody's Watching said...

I SO Cannot wait to sew with my daughter like this!! Look how happy she is!!!

If everything comes back clear for your daughter India, have her tested for Lyme's disease. According to physicians here in Texas we don't have it here, but my friend's almost entire family has tested positive for it. If it is not considered a problem in your area, then the docs won't test for it. My friend had to press and press and press to get tested. And the first test was the more common test used and it was negative, but then he found a Dr. that did a less widely used test, but more accurate, and it was positive. It is treatable through antibiotic therapy. I hope that helps! I will pray for her.