Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sprucing Up My Tuffet

This is my beloved tuffet.

As in 
"Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet."

I made this tuffet about 10 years ago.

Ahnalin was waving her hand in front of my 
phone so excuse the blur.

I built it out of junk I begged
for from the guys in the back room
of the furniture store where I used to work.

Part of it is a miniature mattress sample,
wrapped in foam and batting,
stapled to a piece of plywood.

The bun feet were from an old dresser or something.

This is NOT a beautifully built piece of 
fine furniture!

I had been putting off recovering it because
I loved the linen toile I had used originally. 
But the stains on it were getting ugly and
gross and it was definitely time to be freshened up.

I had purchased this colorful floral linen print
from Schumacher when I was pregnant with India.

I have this problem with fabric.

You see, I fall in love with a certain fabric,
and then I hold on to it forever, 
afraid that if I cut into it, 
I will be disappointed if it doesn't turn out perfectly.

I decided to get over myself and use it!

So, I grabbed my handy dandy staple gun
and went to town!

I measured the tuffet and
realized I could just wrap the fabric around it.
So I cut off the amount I needed and got going.

There was almost no sewing involved in this project.

I folded the fabric around the rounded corners 
and stapled it in place.

I cut the fabric around where the bun feet needed
to be able to screw back in.

Yes, my staples are not perfectly placed.
But I had to remind myself that most people would
not turn over my tuffet to inspect my staples.

In my usual quest for perfection,
I can procrastinate instead of just plowing forward.

I decided this did not need to be perfect.

I got out some leftover piping
and stapled it to the bottom edge
to make it look more finished.

I curved round the corner and stapled it in place.

When I make pillows or slipcovers,
I sew the piping to be continuous,
but decided to just staple the 
end piece over the starting piece.

I am not super strong in my hands,
so sometimes the staples don't go all the way in.
So, I just use my tack hammer to hammer them down.

I screwed the bun feet back on,
and yes, that is the selvage stapled down.

All done!

After putting off this little project for years,
I got it done in about an hour,
start to finish!

I also made new throw pillow covers to match.

That will be the next post!


Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely perfect.

seamsgreat said...

I want a Tuffet!