Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Martha Pullen Love Of Sewing Retreat

I finally got to meet Martha Pullen !!

And she is wonderful and hilarious 
and I almost cried because I am 
such a giant fan!

I asked her to sign my my article in
Sew Beautiful magazine
and now I am going to frame it.

If you ever get a chance to 
attend any of her retreats
or seminars,
I hope you get to hear her "Spanx" routine.
OH MY!!!
So funny!!

But more importantly than her hilarious stories,
she generously shared her business philosophy
and love of heirloom garments.

I was so happy to take a serger tote class with
Kathy McMakin!

I am smiling so hard, 
my eyes are almost completely invisible!
She taught some incredible serger 
techniques and was so friendly!

The next class I took was for a wallet
made completely "in the hoop".

I love my sewing machine,
but oh my!

We all created these wallets on the Babylock Ellissimo Gold 
Embroidery and sewing machines.
What a blast!!
These are amazing machines!


Martha taught the class on lace shaping.
It really is so fun and much easier
than it looks. 

one of Martha's licensed teachers,
in this class, 
where she was assisting.
I was beyond thrilled to find out that
Alicia is practically my neighbor in my new town!

I also was so excited to take a serger Hipster Bag class
Oh my goodness!!!
Missy is incredible!!!

She has fabulous patterns and videos
and she completely got 
me excited about sewing with sergers.
I have two older sergers but have been
pretty unimpressed with them.
I am definitely going to save up for 
a new Babylock serger now!

This is the Hipster Bag we made
in Missy's class. 
She taught us how to make a "Fancy Band" 
and even how to put in a zipper
on the serger!

Ahnalin has already tried to snag this little bag from me.

This is a table folder we made using
a "Sashiko" machine. 
I love it!

I didn't finish the serger tote, 
but I am almost done with it.

This event was sponsored by
Meissner's Sewing Center,
which has 3 locations in the Sacramento area.
The Meissner staff is incredible!
I signed up for their mailing list
so that I can hear about events in the future.
I plan to attend a Janome seminar
at Meissners  this summer.

All in all, this retreat was a fabulous gift.

My parents and my Hot Rockin' Hubby knew
how badly I wanted to go to this
retreat and they worked together to make it happen
for me. 
 I am so incredibly grateful!

I have never been to anything like this retreat before
and it was a treat from the second I arrived
until the last second. 

I think I am hooked. 

time to get back to the real world!

I have to make a costume for
Ahnalin for "Pioneer School" by Wednesday.
And pictures will soon be up 
of Ahnalin as "Jane Austen" 
for her 3rd grade history project.

I had better get busy.

Happy Sewing!


Mosaic Magpie said...

There is nothing more fun than attending a sewing/embroidery class with other like minded new friends. Lovely for you to meet Martha!!!

Crys said...

I am so excited you were blessed to be able to attend! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

DARLING Sivje, we are so very happy that the event was all and more than you expected. We are so grateful it was so close for you to attend and that all things worked out so well for you to go this year. This is just the beginning!!!!
We love you and your family and are beyond proud of you and your amazing talents.
From you extra proud and Blessed parents!!!
John and Barb Crowe

Anonymous said...

Even better I got to meet YOU at the Retreat, someone who has had an article published by Sew Beautiful. Who knew that a famous person was in the audience. I too had a blast and learned so much. It was awesome to meet and talk to you. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what you publish next!! Linda Perkins