Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McCall's 6503- A Dress For Me

I made a dress for myself.

I don't do it often enough.

I make darling dresses for my daughters
and other little girls.

But I wear ratty jeans and tshirts most of the time.

There really is no good excuse for it.

I have plenty of fabric and loads of patterns.

I know how to alter and fit clothing.

I just don't like to sew for myself,
especially in the size I am now.

I always think I will wait until I lose weight.

But then I don't do it and still wear
the ratty jeans and tshirts.

And my wardrobe was getting to be ridiculous!


 I pulled out McCall's 6503
and chose view A.

I pulled out some gorgeous fabric that I have been
hoarding for just the perfect dress.

This is "Anthropology 2005" by Dan River.

Yes, I have had it awhile. 

I have most of the bolt left....

Actually, this was kind of my "muslin"
because I had never made this pattern before.

But it turned out so well!

I was nervous about the sizing,
so instead of just cutting out my regular dress size,
I cut the sizes according to the measurements.


It was HUGE!!!!

I should have just cut it a size 16,
which is my normal size.

So I fussed with it,
and cut it down,
and resewed it,
and tried it on
 over and over until it fit perfectly.

Next time I make this pattern,
and there WILL be a next time,
I will just cut the 16 from the beginning.

Please excuse the dorky look on my face.

Don was taking the photos and he was being goofy.

You know,
when I take photos of my girls in their outfits,
I fuss over the collars and sleeves so they lay correctly.

He didn't get that part of the deal......

But I LOVE this dress.

I love the collar and the surplice neckline
and the little ruffle.

However, I didn't love how "gapey" the front got 
when I bent over or slouched.

So, I added a super cute vintage button and buttonhole
right under the collar.

Don couldn't understand why I asked him to 
take a photo of the back.

But I reminded him that my blog was mostly read by 
sewists who would like to see how the back looked.

There is a side zipper in this dress 
so the back is very smooth and nice.

The ruffle is a little scrunched on the 
back of the neck because I had been wearing
my jean jacket that morning at church. 

I love this dress so much!

I will definitely make this pattern again,
maybe next time in a denim or linen.

I plan on wearing this,
 with my cowboy boots,
when the HRH takes me to the 
Brad Paisley concert on Thursday!

We bought the tickets in March,
and I am so glad we did!

Don (my Hot Rockin' Hubby) was laid off 
from his job last week,
so this concert is a huge treat coming 
at a hard time.

And I am so glad I made a new dress to wear 
with my hubby.

We would so appreciate prayer
as Don looks for a new job.

Thankfully, he still has his part-time church job.

 Happy Sewing!!!



Jan said...

I wish I could wear a 16 in patterns, but that would not fit my waist. The dress looks beautiful on you! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Super cute and very flattering on you!

~Sarah (Lia's momma ;)

Ann Marie said...

Sivje I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS!!! it looks beautiful on you! I know what you mean about never sewing for yourself - I have had a dress planned in my head for me for over two years now. I just keep "not making" it Like you I keep thinking I will be smaller sooner or later! LOL I also think that people will think it loks ridiculous on me cuz the print is MM's Carnival Bloom but I live the print! Maybe I should just ignore "those" people huh? :D

Meredith said...

I LOVE your new dress Sivje!! You are so talented and your sewing is just gorgeous! Great pics of you! Hope you have a wonderful time at the concert!!! Mere

Kelly said...

It looks great!! I love it and think you SHOULD sew for yourself more.

Desiree' said...

Love the dress, and the color is amazing!!

Will be praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Darling daughter you look super cute and the dress is GREAT!!! I agree with the others that you should sew more cutie dresses for yourself. See you soon my most wonderful girl!!! Love from your mother.

Lynn said...

Great dress! Love the pattern and fabric! Have fun at the concert! I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen said...

First of all, i am so impressed that you sewed something for yourself. Good for you! The dress is lovely and looks beautiful on you. Prayers have been (and will continue to be) said for your husband to find a job even better than his last one. Blessings sent to your family.

Patty said...

You look very cute in your new dress! I find I feel more stylish and comfortable in a dress (and dare I say thinner??!) LOL
Nice job, keep sewing for yourself, we all deserve a treat now and then

Ruth said...

Fabulous dress! You look great. I love the ruffle on the collar. Also, I enjoyed reading your commentary, especially about your hubby photographer. My 20 year old son took the pics of my recent dress and I finally told him, "just humor me and do as I ask."

prttynpnk said...

That buton is a great idea- it's so cute, but functioanl too. Nicely done!

Bunny said...

This is so pretty on you, Sivje. Have a great time at the concert with your hubby.

Teresa said...

Very nicely made and flattering dress. I have this pattern but haven't sewn it up yet. Will keep your family in prayer - my husband just recently went back to work after a 16 month layoff. It's been hard but God is faithful.

~Amy~ said...

I love this dress... the pattern, the fabric, the cut, the ruffle... all of it! I think I would be inclined to make three or 4 more in various colors! LOL Very pretty fit on you, as well.

Great job!!

Josh's Pearl said...

Thank you for the detailed photos and explainations. One of the girls in my sewing class chose this pattern for her next project and your insights and experience will be very helpful. Can't wait to see how hers turns out--maybe I'll have to make one for myself!