Friday, June 1, 2012

Chinese Girls Faux Wrap Top and Capris


Today was Ahnalin's last day of 2nd grade!!!

And I hadn't made her anything new to wear since.......

.........last week!

(Never mind that I wear capri jeans pretty much
every day. Sewing for her is my fun!)

I decided to make my little one a spring outfit
out of this "Memoirs From China" print by Robert Kaufman.

It was sent to me last year by another sewing friend, 
Hettie Lynn, because it reminded her of Ahnalin. 

I had been saving it for just the right occasion.

 I bought Simplicity 2677 a few years ago,
but had still not tried it.

For this top, I chose view D.

I cut the top in a size 5 with a size 8 in length.

Do you recognize the contrast fabric?

It is the same Michael Miller print
I used for Ahnalin's and Cherish's Christmas dresses.
I just had a few little scraps left, 
so it worked perfectly!

And, well, yeah. 

Rick Rack

Of course. 

The top is actually a faux wrap,
with a zipper and hook and eye in the back.

I really liked this little top.

I will probably use this pattern again.

Ahnalin refuses to wear jeans. 

She doesn't like how they fit and 
how stiff they are.

But I learned a while ago that she WILL wear
things that I make for her out of old, soft, worn jeans.

So I cut apart a pair of old black jeans. 

Reduce! Recycle! Reuse!

There is enough left over to make another jeans
mini skirt for her too!

For the capris,
I used Simplicity 2711.

I added the trim on the bottom, 
right at the hem line.

I chose this pattern, because
it is a little slimmer than most pants patterns.

I cut a size 4 in width and a size 8 in length.

I have also made the dress in this pattern before and
highly recommend it.

Ahnalin wanted me to take a picture of her climbing up the fence.

But you can also see the cute sandals I found to match!

Ahnalin is also very proud of the strawberries growing in our garden.


So my girl wore this on her last day of 2nd grade.

Oh! And last night she reminded me that 
she wanted to give her teacher something special.

Her teacher's favorite colors are green and purple
and it had to say
"We Love Mrs. Dyer".

So, I made her a little prayer pillow.

When I am sewing for others, 
I pray for them.

My mom used to make prayer pillows
for gifts and it made such an impression on me
growing up, that I now do the same thing.

Ahnalin LOVED being in Mrs. Dyer's class this year.

She was excited that Mrs. Dyer gave her 
extra math books to work on FOR FUN this summer!!!

Ahnalin wrote this in class this year,
about her favorite thing!

I am a Mathematician 
by Ahnalin
My favorite kind of math is fractions and multiplication. 
I like to have a math paper in front of me.
 For a whole week we did star testing and it was so much fun.
 Math is the bomb!

So summer vacation has officially begun for Ahnalin!

She has big plans for sewing this summer!

Happy sewing!


~*Aria*~ said...

I absolutely love that fabric. The whole outfit is fantastic!

And the pillow is very sweet. Great idea!

Bunny said...

Darling outfit, Sivje.

Laurie said...

Sivje, this is absolutely DARLING! I love everything about this post! The recycling of the jeans is BRILLIANT! The fabric for the top is the cutest and I just LOVE the style! I'm so glad I saw this on Pinterest, b/c I would have missed it on fb - I seem to miss a lot lately on fb - newsfeed isn't what it used to be! :(

Stephanie said...

Lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

Great job Siv and Ahnalin. I loved everything about the post and I LOVE being your mother-Siv and I LOVE being your Grammie -Ahnalin.

Desiree' said...

so cute!! I just made the same top but turned it into a dress and used a patchwork effect fro the skirt. I didn't even realize there was a pattern!??! Made my own. Love the fabrics...

Lynn said...

Aw, what a sweet girl! I love this outfit!

Jan said...

I can see she loved her teacher! and she looks darling in her new outfit.

Hettie Lynn said...

Sivje, what a darling outfit! I knew you would be able to find a way to make something from this little piece of fabric. Analin is precious and looks so cute in her top and capris. That is such a sweet note and I hope Anhalin enjoys her summer!

Anonymous said...

I am desperately looking to buy the 2711 Simplicity pattern. Is there any chance you would be interested in selling the dress part?