Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfectly Piggy for Madison


We love Olivia the Pig!

And I just finished this little dream dress for

She requested a red dress with a smocked
Olivia the Pig on it. 

Well, there is no smock plate for Olivia.

So I smocked it free hand. 

She also requested that Olivia be wearing 
her red formal gown, 
have a pearl necklace and red bows on her ears.

She wanted her name on the front too.

The dress had to be red with red and white
polka dotted piping, a full twirly skirt
and a big bow in the back.

The smocking kept washing out with the flash
and the fabric is really a darker red.
Oh, and what pattern did I use to sew the dress?

I didn't use one.
I knew I wanted the smocking to be curved to the waist
and I just drafted a pattern based on Madison's 

Oh...can you just see the buttons on the cuffs?

Why yes, those would be Swarovski crystal buttons.

The red crystals on the smocking are as well.

And tulle is sewn to the underskirt to pouf it out!

It looks all crooked but it is actually straight. 

I promise!

Here is the dress I created for Madison last year.
She requested Tinkerbell!

And this was the dress I made her in 2008
when she requested pink with princesses.

Happy Birthday Madison!
I hope your day is as lovely and wonderful as you are.


Bunny said...

Sivje, this dress and your design are incredible. I am breathless at your creativity and skill. Would you just look at all these beautiful dresses.

You sure could market that Olivia plate. Why don't you just call it the Christmas pig and go for it?

hollym. said...

Just what I was thinking, Sivje! You should market your Christmas piggy! These dresses are gorgeous!


Ellie Inspired said...

You are so creative with your curved smocking! I've never seen that before! Send the whole thing in to SB!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Wowsers! I am impressed, stunned and completely in awe!!!! You have some mad sewing/smocking skills that I am completely envious of!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Girlfriend - you... are... GOOD! That's all I can say about that! I wish we were closer so you could be my mentor!!

Jen said...

that pink princess one is my all time favorite of your dreses

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I love the red and the smocking plate is perfect. The curved insert is very unique. What a special girl to receive this beautiful work of art.

Kathy (Kreolemom)

Michelle said...

You are sooo talented! I can't believe you did that all without a pattern. My Olivia would just love a sweet Olivia dress like that one. Maybe I can get an iron-on somewhere? ; )

dandelionavenue said...

That Oliva dress turned out DARLING. Super job on the drafting the pattern and smocking plate too. I bet your little girl was thrilled!! :o)

Martha said...

Too stinkin' cute!!!! Great job on freehanding Olivia. I don't think I would have been brave enough to take that on. So cute. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Would love to smock an Olivia the pig. It would make my little Olivia fan a wonderful Valentines dress.

Jan said...

This dress is absolutely darling! I haven't made it to free-hand picture smocking yet.

Laurie said...

You amaze me girl! Beautiful work on the dress design, construction and creating a smocking plate! WOW!

Piper said...

Wow! that is all I can say about that Olivia dress. I have a little girl here who loves Olivia and when I showed it to her her mouth dropped open. Very cute and I love the curve at the top of the smocking. Very creative.

Sarah said...

I am so in love with your olivia pig dress... Please write the pattern down for me so I can copy it?!?! My 1.5 y.o. loves Olivia and I so want to do an oliva themed party for her second party. Would be perfect!! sarah.oswald@Yahoo.com